Test or Unlimited? Update policy

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    Dear clients and future server administrators!
    There are a lot of times during our lifes where we need to make a decision, to take a step and they are not all the easy one.

    Same on Lineage 2 market.
    A lot of administrators are taking guesses, what should they pick: Test server, Limited 400-players or Unlimited version.

    And from now on - no more guesses!
    With our update policy you can always update your licence from any version to unlimited!
    You have purchased limited version and now you need full scale server? Easy - you can just update it.

    How does it works?
    All you need is to cover difference between the prices +10% update fee.

    You can update from any lower version to any higher:
    • From Test to Limited 400-players;
    • From Test to Unlimited;
    • From Limited 400-plaeyers to Unlimited.

    PS: Please note! We recommend all server admins to have a backup server with test licence for testing and preparing updates for live server in a safe place.