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    Specificity: PVP-event
    Appropriate for chronicles: Gracia Final, Gracia Epilogue, High Five
    Price: 345$

    Players registered on NPC, which divides players into two teams.
    Since the beginning of the battle team get indoors Coliseum where they have time to prepare before teleporting to the arena. Teleportation is automatically one of the two tocheh "exit" (to make it difficult tracking down the point teleport).
    Dead player presses the button "To Village" / "To ClanHall" / "To Castle" and resurrected again in a closed room Colosseum (of course they can be resurrected by any other means directly to the arena). After some time, these players will teleport into the arena again
    At the end of the battle computed the winning team (for count-woo murders and deaths of all members of the team). The victory or defeat communicated to all team members. Teams are teleported to Giran Town where they can get a prize.

    • Two types of shared Event (regular and disposable), each with its own settings for the duration of the battle \ value command \ value payment \ prizes.
    • Ability to run each type of Event separately or both together.
    • Several types of awards (team - was awarded the whole team, invidualny - Notorious player is awarded a greater number of PVP). Rewarding any particular prize or prize money (the sum of all rates divided by the number of winners).
    • Ability to run each type of Event are not classic like TvT, as well as ”The Last Hero" (The player, who survived and is within the green arena, while the players enter the arena only once).
    • Possibility of an NPC in the room preparing to get buff (the list of buffs, their cost and range from the time the battle configured).
    • Before teleport into the arena of all players in the training room receiving buff Celestial.
    • Customize dialog (with the withdrawal of key parameters for the player) and all the string parameters.
    • Setting system messages about the beginning of battle, about the winners.
    • Setting up congratulations for killing (or a series of murders).
    • Output results of battle. List of participants and their results.
    Package Contents:
    • !readme.doc - ReadMe File
    • areadata.txt - file with the designation of areas (prohibition of access to the restart and the prohibition Swoop Cannon and teleports)
    • fstring.eng.txt - set of phrases used in English
    • fstring.ru.txt - set of phrases used in Russian
    • npcpos.txt - description of the location of the necessary NPCs
    • skilldata.txt - set of skills for event
    • tvt_manager.obj - AI-classes. Here you can change the parameters
    • Folder HTML.ENG - Dialogues for Event
    • Folder HTML.RU - Dialogues for Event
    Possibilities for setting:
    • Dialogues, their appearance and content can be changed in the relevant files in the folder HTML.
    • A set of phrases can be changed in the file fstring.txt
    • Tweaks can be changed in files tvt_manager.obj и tvt_restart.obj
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