Save offline traders in real time

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  1. Emerald

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    It would be nice to have an option to save offline traders in real time.
    So that after server restart they would reconnect.

    I have seem this option on Java servers.
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  2. Alt

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  3. Taulelle

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  4. Mike Wazowski

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    It would be just great.
  5. muvek

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  6. Dronis3

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  7. Midont

    Midont AdvExt64 Customers (IL)

    At the moment, it's impossible.
  8. muvek

    muvek New Member

    it is possible ;)
    someone is selling something like that already
    "Added auto restoring offline shops after server restarting for interlude\c4 (source)"
  9. Dronis3

    Dronis3 New Member

    Вы же писали что делаете свой логин сервер для оффлайн трейдеров.
  10. iPlaygg

    iPlaygg New Member

    I'm supporting the idea, it's quite important - or atleast store Private Store data in SQL table

    Character name
    Location X Y
    Item1 price
    item2 price
    item3 price
    item4 price
    item5 price
    item6 price
    item7 price

    That case I could hook ingame privatestore search to our forums
  11. Midont

    Midont AdvExt64 Customers (IL)

    You have already been answered in the ticket.
    Write Php script and send it yourself to the database.
  12. iPlaygg

    iPlaygg New Member

    It solves only half a problem, however "PHP" scripts wont help upon restarts - HOW EVER! - I've monitored the server logs, it can really go for week+ , still please get private store saving.