Quest 195 buged

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  1. sandeagle

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    Quest 195[Seven Signs, Secret Ritual of the Priests] buged...
    when you transform into a guard and VIA Light of Dawn Teleporter
  2. sandeagle

    sandeagle Member

    but this teleporter dont teleport you to infiltrate the Sanctum.

    i already report this bug long time ago but you guyz still not fixed this damn shit?
  3. Midont

    Midont AdvExt64 Customers (IL)

    and where did you report?
    For our customers there is a ticket system - where you need to report about it.
  4. sandeagle

    sandeagle Member

    come on,i had already reported this bug in thire CABINET system,i remembed its March/2019...
    i found they dont fix some bug,i dont know why,like moster box problem...