Service License reactivation on new hardware

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    Specificity: License reactivation
    Appropriate for chronicles: All chronicles
    Price: 57$

    This service can be helpful for you in next situations:
    • if you transfer your game server to other machine;
    • if you plan to change configuration of your server;
    • If you want to restore your old, missing license.
    Notice, first reactivation, when you transfer your server from test to live is always free!

    Perform the following steps for license activation:
    1. Install our extender on your server or PC.
    2. Run C:\L2Server\CacheD\Cached_AdvExt64.exe. Error: "This code reqiries valid serial number" will be generated. For the first launch it's normal. At this moment \L2Server\AdvExt64\License.hwid file generated.
    3. Open C:\L2Server\AdvExt64\License.hwid with any text editor and copy it's contents.
    4. Open C:\L2Server\AdvExt64\LicenseServer.ini and fill in your contact information.
    5. Contact support-line of the AdvExt team via e-mail: or skype: help.advext64 and provide contents of the License.hwid, LicenseServer.ini and GameServer IP.
    6. Create C:\L2Server\AdvExt64\License.key file and paste the code received from the AdvExt support inside. Save it in the ANSI coding!
    7. Start the server.
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