[L2OFF] L2PreSence - IL x4 START 26.06.2020

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  1. Antek

    Antek New Member

    Strona: www.l2presence.com
    Forum: http://www.l2presence.com/forum/

    Dear friends!

    We want to invite you to a new Interlude server x4.

    Open Beta Test (x40) server will open in 26.06.2020.

    Official opening, one week after beta testing.

    XP/SP – x4
    Adena – x4
    Drop – x3
    Spoil – x3
    Quests – x1
    Seal Stones – x1

    About the server:
    - L2off server files
    -The Chronicles – Interlude
    - Server time – UTC 2
    - Classic style of play
    - Offline shop
    - Balanced GM shop in the game
    - 20 built-in events
    - AntiBot System
    - RB 85
    - Donat Shop
    - Siege
    - Seven Signs
    - Olympics
    - Wedding
    - Working Cursed Weapons
    - 14 functioning events(możliwość stworzenia eventu naprzykład urodzinowego)
    - much more..
  2. KIN

    KIN AdvExt64 Customers (GF/GE/HF)

    The server is offline.
    Did beta testing lead to shutdown?
  3. Antek

    Antek New Member

    Due to the lack of competent administrators and the unsuccessful merger with other server administrators, the start of the server beta was suspended until further notice.
  4. KIN

    KIN AdvExt64 Customers (GF/GE/HF)

    What was the max online while going beta?
  5. Antek

    Antek New Member

    After about 1.5 weeks, on Discord, about 150 people declared the game on the server, but as I wrote earlier, the beta test start of the L2PreSence server was suspended due to administrator errors. I can only add that the files used in "AdvExt" were flawless.
  6. Jeremy

    Jeremy New Member

    How to add your on Discord?