[L2J] L2Idle new H5 lowe rate server

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    Website: www.Lineage2Idle.com
    Idle is coming back, with a similar setup as we had before, with a few differences and additions, read the features below.

    Introducing L2Idle, where you are free to play ANYWAY you like, you're allowed to bot here, we encourage it! A server with retail gameplay with some twists, buff times increased, a convenient shop to make your journey a bit easier and other changes to make gameplay more enjoyable. Read below to discover all of the features.

    EXP/SP: x2(3 with premium, vote for premium)
    Adena: 2x
    Drop/Spoil: 2x
    Enchant: 75%, Max +16, Safe +3.
    Ancient Scrolls(Rare): 75% but wont break or decrease value up to +10.
    Element: Stones- 50%, Crystals - 30%
    Chance of Masterwork Craft: 20%

    Other Currencies:
    Medals - Obtained from playing automated events.
    Glittering Medals - Obtained from killing all raids bosses in the world.
    Vote Coins - Obtained by voting and typing .getreward

    Alternative Farming:
    While most of the server remains retail when it comes to obtaining gear and items, we will have alternative farming available.
    You will be able to farm certain areas for "Energy" which can be exchanged for various items.
    Current Zones:
    Monastery of Silence: Energy tradeable for Element Stones, Crystals
    Giant's Cave: Energy tradeable for SA crystals
    *List could change/update.

    Character Information:
    • Skills will be automatically learned.(Except forgotten skills)
    • New characters start with bonus rune and newbie gear.
    • Drops will be automatically picked up.(Excludes raids)
    • Mana drug will be available which recovers mana overtime. NO instant mana potions besides elixers.
    • Inventory is increased to 250 max, warehouse increased 200 max, and weight limit is increased drastically for convenience.
    • Private store item limit increased to 18 for all characters.
    • Nevit's and Vitality fully working, vitality herbs drop and Gift of Vitality event is permanent, BUFFED monsters have a chance to drop revita pops.
    Additional Features:
    • Constant Gift of Vitality event, maintain vitality every day for hours.
    • Two newly added daily instances, Cave of Ant Queen(Low Level) and Tower of Fate(High Level)
    • Kamaloka's drop common grade items at a high rate(S-grade commons added at 70+ Kama's also)
    • Fortress Instances(via Detention Warden) have been improved with clan eggs drops and other useful drops.
    • Raids coming out to play event, every 8 hours raids spawn in certain areas with rare loot - http://lineage2idle.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=331
    • Hunting Point System: As you kill monsters, your character will accumulate points, which can be exchanged for various goods at the Services NPC.
    • "Buffed" monsters randomly spawn over the world, which are harder to kill but give bigger drops.
    • Clan halls bid and rent increased to avoid clan hall hogging, they also have all the NPC's you need spawned in them.
    • Clan Hall Benefit - if you own one, you have a special NPC that will increase clan reputation for a fee.
    • Get married in Giran church for 50kk adena, and teleport to your spouse(500k). Divorce costs 1% of your adena.
    Convenient Control Panel (type .ccp)
    • Block EXP
    • Refuse Trades
    • Protection against unwanted buffs from players
    • Automatically turn shots on after login
    • Hide shops for better loading
    • Hide animations(for low spec PC's).

    Shop Information:
    -Armor, Weapons and Jewelry up to S-Grade.
    -Shots up to B and misc items needed for skills etc.
    -Vote shop, to exchange vote coins for goodies.

    Buff Information:

    Normal Buff Limit: 26(+4 with Divine Inspiration)
    Dance/Song Limit: 14
    Trigger Buff Limit: 12
    Buffs are 1 hour in duration.
    With premium(no need to donate) your buff duration's will be 2 hours.

    Premium Account System:
    - Introducing Premium Accounts, no need to donate:
    • 2 Hour Buffs duration.
    • .buffer command for convenient access to buffer(Can't be used in combat).
    • Increased scheme slots to 7.
    • x3 EXP/SP.
    Miscellaneous change you should know about:

    - Heroes are selected every 2 weeks, on the 1st and 15th of each month.
    - Recommendations increased, when you are logged in for 2 hours, you'll get 100, and 20 every hour after that.
    - Clan Leadership transfers are INSTANT. Also there is no penalty for leaving a clan.
    - 10 accounts maximum(1 party +1)
    - Reduced NPC cancel rate significantly to relieve some stress.
    - Penalty times for leaving clan or ally is removed.
    - Adventurer Guides can exchange your Hunting Points(Bang) for various items.
    - {PvP} Weapons and Hero Weapons can be augmented.
    - .hellbound - check hellbound status, no quest needed to enter and is max level and trust always.
    - .changepassword command ingame.
    - /time - see server time
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    best server I have played in years. So glad that will start again :D
    100% friendly community, active GMs
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    18 hours til server start. Join and play on the only bot allowed server :D Come and let's have fun :D