L2Extreme ?? Another Fake ??

Discussion in 'Off Topic / Флудилка' started by Sighed, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. Sighed

    Sighed New Member

    Lets discuss i just saw this : http://www.l2extreme.us

    Another fake server that want to get money using a name ?
  2. Tissui

    Tissui New Member

    super fake...

    and l2j
  3. Nish

    Nish AdvExt64 Customers (IL)

    l2 is dead now....... there is no more good servers left, maybe 1 or 2 lol. every server admin is half retarded

    to bad the l2 community has turned to retards and shit heads lol
  4. Sighed

    Sighed New Member

    Yeah, using a name for getting cash... lol i think if a server called l2extreme is not run by L2extreme admins (real ones) nor Shmee, that server should be destroyed, everything that i loved from l2 is dying, servers becomming crap, and maybe some part of people that could make a good server, has an opinion that is a waste of time.