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  1. ycz

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    I just tested the interlude test server and it left a lot to be desired.

    Walking from dark elven stairs to the gate keeper, I went through walls.
    I can't attack, change equipment.

    I'm guessing it was left in that state by mistake. If so, can you fix it to match the actual version the buyer will get?
  2. alessandroht

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    you're probably in invisible mode.
    //hide off
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  3. ycz

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    Thanks! That worked!

    The server is weird though, I'm getting tons of HTML dialogs, if this is the final version that the customer is getting it seems a half baked. The accounts are not Admin so it's hard to test without having to "play".
  4. ycz

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    Just in case anyone is interested, I talked to Support, they explained that when you use a gm-character you can see the names of the opened html so that's fine.

    They indicated that the character walking over the stairs side walls is neither a bug or a wall. I wouldn't agree to that but that's what they concluded. And lastly, the accounts do indeed have Admin Rights so you can use the L2OFF gm commands. I haven't had time to test the quest/mobs/raids but if everything is functional and stable, the pack is worth considering.
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