[IL] Entering to peace zone while under offensive skill cast

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    I'm testing some behaviors on your public test server, and I'm figuring out how / why following state ends in different behavior :

    2 players, A and B.

    Player A casts an offensive skill on player B, while player B is running to peace zone (town border, for exemple). The idea is to see what happens when one player reaches a peace zone when another is casting offensive on him.

    In case cst.spd is regular (333), the cast isn't aborted. A strange message appears, "SystemMessage format : 2167", instead of, I guess, sysId 88.
    In case cst.spd is shortcut (166, case of no robe armor equipped), the cast seems aborted. The same strange message appears, instead of, I guess, sysId 88.

    Which should be the legit way ?

    Ty for the info,

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