High Five client modification for Interlude Remastered

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    For Chronicles: Interlude Remastered;
    Game Client: High Five (downgraded for Interlude Remastered);
    Стоимость: 1.100$

    We are happy to announce our new product - client High Five (HF) adapted to work with Interlude Remastered, especially modified and designed to match the chronicle version.
    • The following HF-locations were changed to Interlude:
      • Dragon Valley;
      • A layer of Antharas;
      • Oren surroundings;
    • Some UI elements and related mechanics, that are not used in Interlude, were hidden and/or disabled::
      • Fame;
      • Attributes;
      • Vitality System
      • Kamael Race
    • Fortresses were disabled and can be enabled on the custom request.
    The current product has a list of certain advantages based on High Five client part functionality:
    • Beautiful, stable and optimized client part, forget about critical errors on Interlude Client :)
    • Adena limit increased from 2.147kkk to 99kkk
    • copy+paste in chat
    • Alt+click buff disabling feature enabled
    • Mail system supported
    • Convenient Private Store Buy/Sell filter to browse the market
    • Shift+Click Item description to Chat feature
    • Separate quest inventory support
    • Comfortable HF-based party matching
    • Easy party interface with party members status, their buffs and pets displayed
    • Macros quantity increased to 48
    • Character inventory windows are more informative and comfortable
    Finally one of the most important features of this product is its ability to create unique, never seen before a project to entertain your players.

    We would like to draw your attention, that all disabled HF-related features can be turned back on not only to create unique visual components, but to implement unique game mechanics in order to boost players' interest,
    increase project monetization and better community entertainment.
    The project owner is free to import HF content, create custom assets or contact our team regarding enabling of certain mechanics:
    • Rideable mounts
    • Agathions
    • Cloaks
    • Fortresses and territory wars
    • New skills
    • New items
    • New locations
    • Evolved pets
    • Instances
    • and much much more

    A little history and few examples of Success Story. The core of this product was developed and started to be used in commercial projects in 2018. During few years its destribution was limited and since now it's available to everyone.

    Eglobal and Shock-World, spring 2018. A few first launches has changed l2 market dramaticly due to creation new long-term trend that is still growing. First versions of the product contained a few content changes to the Interlude but still making the game much better.
    Support and tank classes has being equipped with combat transformations to increase their solo farming abilities.
    To increase players' every-day activities and fun Kamalokas and Pailakas were added.
    Nerphed Vitality system added.
    Evolved pets were added.
    Some classes were equipped with skills from higher versions, i.e. Stigma of Shillien for SE,
    and some other changes...

    Valhalla-age, spring 2019. Gameplay is based of HF mechanics, i.e. Oly like on HF that is more entertaining and varied then in Interlude.

    LineageClassic made C4 server based on this product.
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