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    Chronicles: Gracia Final
    Versions of extender: unlimited, limited (400 players), test.
    Price: 575$, 290$, 90$
    Popular functional:
    Autoloot, exp on/off, offline trade.
    In extender included: NPC buffer with profiles, profession manager, GMshop.


    We represent original server core in AdvExt64 Gracia Final extender version. The server functionality and game mechanics are neither replics nor a copy, but an original product. Everything works the way it should work on official servers: all weapons and armors types, quests, skills, transformations, elemental attributes, monsters and bosses etc. Also all retail-based bugs are fixed. There are no more reflection killings of the bosses, no hidden characters targeting, the Frintezza's behave exactly like it should, without delays.
    AdvExt Gracia Final is a result of a mixture between retail files and a set of AdvExt additions that allows you to create interesting and unique game projects.

    In addition, AdvExt Gracia Final offers servers administrators and players a variety of additional tools in order to create their own unique yet quality server:
    • Flexible Autoloot system (monsters, raid bosses, player killers etc).
    • Completely flexible enchanting system.
    • Comfortable system that allows you to control any kind of chat (shout, private, trade, hero etc) in order to prevent it from flood and spam.
    • Ability to enable pvp counter for battle grounds (i.e. sieges).
    • Offline trading system.
    • Flexible Olympiad system that will help you prevent any kind of exploit.
    • Pvp reward system with a built-in exploit protection system.
    • Boost Rate event – an event that allows you to boost servers rates for a fixed amount of time.
    • Ability to limit the amount of flags that one clan could have in order to avoid a imbalance in power.
    • Ability to change the limit of levels on a main and sub-class.
    • Ability to disable AOE skills for alliance members.
    • Ability to turn off the player killer penalty.
    • Ability to apply any kind of changes without full reboot.

    By purchasing AdvExt Gracia Final you are acquiring a set of components.
    Pay your attention to the minimum equipment requirements for the AdvExt products.
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