Event Fight for the Relics

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    Specificity: PVP-event
    Appropriate for chronicles: Gracia Final, Gracia Epilogue, High Five
    Price: 345$

    Fight for the Relics - is fully automated, very flexible and easy in setting up and tuning PvP-oriented team event that can entertain up to 200 players at the time.
    It takes place in a beautifull instance-based location where players are teleported to after registration through special event NPC. Each team has it's relic they have to protect from the opposite team and try to destroy enemy relic.
    Destruction of the enemy relic leads team to the victory. Each team has 2 additional crystals they have to protect as well and destruction of each enemy crystall gives additional points.
    Each team have special event buffer on the spawn point that gives perfect set of buffs for each archetype of class.
    On the location special lamps are spawned all the time that drop herbs giving players additional support during event.

    Event is very flexible for tuning and allow easy to:
    • set free or pay participation
    • prize fund generation
    • messages setup
    • points setup
    • type of advertisement announces
    • setup of time periods between event phases
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