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    Specificity: Drop-spoil patch
    Appropriate for chronicles: All chronicles
    Version: Soft, one-time generation of drop-spoil patch
    Price: 80$, from 20$.

    Drop-spoil patch - is a comfortable and useful modification of game client for players.
    It allows to show in game next information from npcdata:
    • relevant drop from mobs, bosses and epic bosses (according to your rates);
    • relevant spoil from mobs (according to your rates);
    • levels of mobs, bosses and epic bosses;
    • parameters of npc's, mobs, bosses and epic bosses.
    Additional features:
    • aggressive and passive mobs (agr-patch);
    • ID of all npc's and monsters (useful for admins);
    • chances (min-max) of drop and spoil;
    • sorting of drop and spoil by chance;
    • creating multipage list with drop
    • creating patch for multilanguage clients (-e, -ru).
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