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    Specificity: PVP-event
    Appropriate for chronicles: Gracia Final, Gracia Epilogue, High Five
    Price: 600$ for 6 heroes included

    This is Lineage2 TvT mod for entertaining players based on the DOTA mechanics. Event is launched in the special instanced location based on Cruma Tower level 2 where both teams are teleported upon event start.
    Each team have to destroy enemy Throne that grants the victory in event.
    Each team have few Towers that protect key locations and the base.
    Each team have 2 Barracks which spawn creeps that move towards the enemy Throne.
    Destroying the enemy Barrack makes own creeps evolve and become stronger.
    On the startup and every minute players receive Dota Coins to spend in the event shops to get special potions, invisibility scrolls, anti-invisibility wards, event agathions and special DOTA heroes transformations (on Interlude Remsatered heroes accessories with heroes skills, no agathions).
    Killing enemy players, creeps or destroying enemy objects grants extra Dota Coins.
    Currently 6 DOTA heroes available to choose:
    • Dragon Knight
    • Axe
    • Riki
    • Lina
    • Crystal Maiden
    • Jaggernaut
    Extra heroes can be ordered and developed separately.

    Playing event:

    • Players randomly divided into red and blue teams and get teleported to their bases.
    • On startup participants get 5 Dota Coins and they receive 1 Dota Coin per minute. These coins can be spent in Event shops (check map).
    • Players can find special runes that boost them for some time.
    • Near each team Barack (even if it's destroyed) creeps are spawned. Follow them towards enemy base, trying to kill enemy players and creeps and to destroy Towers and Barracks.
    • The main goal is to destroy enemy Throne.
    • As a bonus, players can find and kill special RB - Roshan.

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