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    Olympiad system “Classic like” with early level access and without Noblesse status.
    Appropriate for chronicles: Ultimate Interlude, Gracia Final, Gracia Epilogue, High Five
    Price: 575$

    Olympiad system “Classic like” - it’s a Grand Olympiad system, with a logic of Lineage 2 Classic oly. It’s allow to flexibly configure the level of the character that can participate on the Olympiad, remove the Noblesse status verification and use NPC Buffer at the arena that will offer characters to choose 5 buffs from the list.
    Each of such function can be enabled or disabled manually. For example you can remove Noblesse status verification but keep the required level as 76.

    Adding/removing olympiad points, Olympiad Cycle, Noblesse Gate Pass \ Olympiad Tokens Shop, Arenas, Skills, Weapons will remain the same, nothing changes. It can be changed or created a new features manually if needed.

    Such system perfectly fit low rate servers, where players are seeking for entertainment during long months of exping without possibility to receive a noblesse status and participate at the olympiad. It also will fit pvp-oriented servers where fan game starts from the first days and Olympiad fit just right it. Generally this system is allows to make a lot of unique changes and features that will highlight your server from many other.
    You can contact us to receive a support in creating game design features, new logic or any function that you want.

    Purchasing new Olympiad systemClassic like” you will receive:
    • Remove Noblesse verification to join the Olympiad Games;
    • Flexible settings of Olympiad participation level;
    • NPC Buffer at the Olympiad Stadium that will offer to choose 5 buffs from the list;
    • Option to turn on\off Hero Skills;
    • Option to create a new and unique features of your server.

    Contact us for more details.