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    Specificity: PvM-event
    Appropriate for chronicles: Interlude, Gracia Final, Gracia Epilogue, High Five
    Price: 130$

    This mode is created to entertain players more during their during their PvM.
    During monsters farming players have a chance to meet special Raid Bosses called Champions. By default there are 3 Champions. After the killing first Champion there is a chance for 2nd Champion to appear and then - last, 3rd Champion.
    Champions' stats, parameters, behavior, drop, appearance and chances for spawn are adjustable per request.
    In demo version that available in !Events\Champions folder chances are hardcoded:
    1st Champion - 5%
    2nd Champion - 20%
    3rd Champion - 50%
    1st Champion can be spawned by killing regular monster of 78 level or higher.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.