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    Specificity: PVP-event
    Appropriate for chronicles: Gracia Final, Gracia Epilogue, High Five
    Price: 230$

    Capture the pig event info:
    Players registered with NPC, which divides players into two teams.
    Since the beginning of the battle team get on the closure of the field in different sides of it. There they can get a Buff in tents. Nearby is the flag team and mumps team. Players must run to the pigs opposing team. Talk to her (after which the pig caught in the player) and lead to the flag of his command. To set off against a player point lead pig must strike the flag.
    In the center of the field (slightly to the side, between the colored round arenas) is a statue of a snake. Which can give MegaBuff.
    The winner is the team that will lead more pigs.

    Package contents:

    • !ReadMe.rtf - description file.
    • areadata.txt - file with the designation of zones (prohibition of access to the restart and the prohibition summon and teleports).
    • fstring.txt - set of phrases used in Russian Event.
    • npcpos.txt - description of the location of the required NPC.
    • npc_pch.txt - the index file for NpcData.
    • npcdata.txt - parameters of the new NPC.
    • skill_pch.txt - the index file for SkillData.
    • skill_pch2.txt - parameter file for SkillData.
    • skilldata.txt - skill to restore the CP / MP / HP.
    • ctp_event.obj - AI-classes.
    • Folder HTML.ENG - Dialogues Event used the English version.
    • Folder Client_Files - Necessary changes to the game client files.
    Possibilities for setting:
    • Dialogs, their appearance and content can be changed in the relevant files in the folder of HTML.
    • A set of phrases can be changed in the file fstring.txt.
    • Thin settings can be changed in the file ctp_event.obj (in class ctp_manager).
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Thread Status:
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