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    Chronicles: Interlude
    Versions of extender: unlimited, limited (400 players), test (20 players).
    Price: 345$, 175$, 50$
    Popular functional:
    Autoloot, exp on/off, offline trade, up to 100 buff-slots, voice-command for adena convertation, settings for inventory slots count, etc.
    In extender included: NPC buffer with profiles, profession manager, GMshop.


    AdvExt Interlude has every part of functionality of original retail Interlude:
    • Every single skill, including fusion ones
    • Every single Interlude quest, including clan quest, dinosaurs, Frintezza, Sirra etc
    • Every single raid boss, including Frintezza, Ice Fairy Sirra, Benom, Sailren, Uruka
    • Cursed weapons with a flexible way of settings
    • Augmentation system
    • Interlude clan system (including clan skills, reputation, academy etc)
    • Shadow weapons with an ability to create your own.
    • Duel system
    • Penalties system
    • Every other element of game play: manor, sieges, clan halls, global quests, fishing, pets etc

    In addition, AdvExt Interlude offers servers administrators and players a variety of custom tools in order to create their own unique and quality server:
    • Flexible Autoloot system (monsters, raid bosses, player killers etc).
    • Ability to create an NPC buffer with changed timings on skills without changing original skills.
    • Flexible Game Master settings with an ability to limit every kind of right.
    • Completely flexible enchanting system. Additional enchanting system settings: ability to save your enchant level after the failure; ability to set the level your enchant will drop to after the fail.
    • Comfortable system that allows you to control any kind of chat (shout, private, trade, hero etc) in order to prevent it from flood and spam.
    • Ability to create and set a "block buff" ability in order to prevent an over buff problem.
    • Unique system of buff return after being cancelled. If turned on, allows a player to return his buffs after a certain amount of time which is a very useful tool for pvp servers.
    • Completely flexible clan system settings that will allow you to set any kind of feature (penalties, crp points, number of clans in alliance etc) as you wish.
    • Ability to provide special skills for heroes, nobles and clan leaders.
    • Pvp-reward system with a built-in exploit protection system.
    • Ability to create special locations with certain limits like: no pets; no summons; pvp area; trade-free area; limited level area, etc.
    • Ability to limit players attack damage, move speed, etc.
    • Flexible herb system.
    • Ability to increase or limit amount of buffs including placing songs and dances on another line.
    • Jail penalty system.
    • Ability to set Cleanse not to cancel some debuffs (i.e. Malaria, Cholera)
    • Ability to deliver items for a player right through the database.
    • Ability to apply any kind of changes without full reboot.

    By purchasing AdvExt Interlude you are acquiring a set of components.
    Pay your attention to the minimum equipment requirements for the AdvExt products.
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