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    Dear friends!
    We have to warn you that there are scammer acting on behalf of our good name, trying, unfortunately sometimes successfully, to cheat our customers pretending to be a part of our team.
    This bastard named his skype the same way it displayed on our site. His victims by mistake contact him, make a deal, submit payment for the chosen services and he disappear afterwards leaving them with nothing.
    There are few simple rules to avoid being cheated:
    1. Be sure to click the link of the skype contact on our site to open correct contact in your Skepy application:
    2. AdvExt64 skype looks this way:
    3. Skype login MUST BE this:
    This is the last known scammer's skype:
    Of course he can change it and make looks like our skype in future, so, please, be very carefull.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.