VIP-Support and change of licensing policy for large clients

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    Dear colleagues, friends and partners!
    AdvExt team is always wants to be closer to our customers and in this regard, we have prepared changes in the policy for large customers and providing VIP-support. The changes mainly affected the flexibility in the provision of services and the distribution of team workloads to ensure the best quality for everyone.

    Let's start first with understanding of VIP support benefits and how it can really help to your project.
    Starting a server same as OBT - is always a difficult and very responsible process, in which everything should go smoothly as it's one of the most important criteria for the players.
    VIP support was created to minimize the risks during the opening of live server and OBT as well. It includes:
    • Booking time of our team for direct support of the key stages of your launch;
    • Direct contact with the technical team for operational advice and communication;
    • Priority in fixing bugs and order completion;
    • and more..

    Licensing policy takes effect from the 1st of August.
    Please note! The contract of VIP-support is required for all servers with online 1000+ (excluding offline traders). If coordination of opening \ work tasks in 2 months - we will provide a 10% discount and we can guarantee a time for your project.

    Feel free to contact us via, skype: help.advext64 or telegram @AdvExt if you have any questions.

    Always yours, AdvExt team.
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