New! Shock-World, E-Global, KetraWars, Valhalla-Age - What unites them?

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    Dear friend.
    It doesn’t matter what role or part of the community do you have\take a Lineage 2, but there is only thing I know - you love this game as much as I do. We both empathize with difficulties on the market, rejoice at its good moments and successful trends.

    During this longread I will try to tell you some useful and interesting info regarding of what unites one of the most successful and old projects, what trends on the market at this moment and how it will effect on the market in general, what should we expect in the future.

    I want to start with a thesis - Lineage 2 market was always be affected by different trends: official game client patches with a lot of functions and features, new grand olympiad cycle and now it’s time of full game\balance changes of the chronicles, customization of players game experience, fixes of all annoying bugs and working on increasing servers lifetime in general.

    So where does this trends comes from and what unites Shock-World, E-Global, KetraWars and Valhalla-Age?

    To find it out we need to look back a year and a half ago when E-Global and Shock-World has opened mutual Gracia Final server. Both of these projects have a rather rich history and have gone through different paths of self-formation, but one thing they had in common - ambitions and desire to provide their players with unique content for best gaming experience.

    As part of that cooperation, a number of key changes and additions were laid and created in the core of the game (Gracia Final core), which subsequently led to the creation of a new platform for all further servers. Now it has a lot of names, but we called it Ultimate Interlude \ Interlude Remastered. But first things first.

    After a fairly successful Gracia Final server, Shock-World and E-Global decided to return to their own ways, but before that they agreed on a common interest in transferring the GF core, with all its features and improvements, to the common, usual and understandable Interlude rules.

    The world first saw the server +/- Interlude by Shock-World.
    • Instance system;
    • NPC-server load within 15 sec;
    • New balance for old classes by adding new skills;
    • Supporting of all Clan Halls;
    • Events (PvP\PvE) from older chronicles;
    • And much more...
    Server was hearty welcome by the audience and as a result create a series of servers on this base, where a numbers of updates and improvements came out with each of such servers. What is more important that this product is still under developing and the old Shock-World servers were transferred to this core, which the old-timers of the project were very happy about.

    After Shock, literally in a month, the world was presented with a new server by E-Global - Interlude Final.

    Since the initial idea was born during their cooperation - it is not a big surprising that the servers had a numbers of similar functions/innovations, but E-Global had its own unique “features”, namely:
    • Custom Grand Olympiad cycle;
    • Unique skills which is not present on any chronicles above / below Interlude;
    • Own class balance;
    • Original mechanics from higher chronicles regarding of onion damage depending on the distance, etc;
    • And one of the main changes that create a trend of 2019 - Phased discovery world (2 locations - Primeval Isle and Forge of Gods).

    After a slight lull (quiet period), in the beginning of the winter of 2018-2019 - a new announcement thundered, from the old-timers of the private servers - KetraWars. Over the past couple of years Ketra proved itself to be one of the most successful and popular x1 servers, they armed with a new engine, rolled up the sleeves of game design and introduced the new x1 with a number of unique improvements:
    • System of limitation of the location and maximum characters level;
    • Step by step adding of Epic Bosses and Castles;
    • And for the first time, the players of freeshard (private) servers were shown the Grand Olympiad system “as on classics”, where every character who has reached level 55 can participate, even without having the status of a Noblesse.

    For the first time in a long period, players of all classes enjoyed not only the starting race and fast cap achievement, but also enjoying playing at different stages of development (D, C, B-grade), which was so long ago. A whole layer of forgotten Lineage 2 content has been revived!

    At this moment Valhalla-Age, one of the oldest projects with a long history, was the last one, who has launched their new product. As it one of the oldest project it would seems that the new product should be very conservative? No! Not even close. They have create one of the most daring design project - L2 Remastered, where the High Five core is taken as a basis, with a planned downgrade to the Interlude, but still with a numbers of changes, such as:
    • Elemental Attribute System;
    • Cloaks;
    • System of limitation of the location and maximum characters level;
    • High Five chronicle class balance;
    • Grand Olympiad system “as on classics”.

    This product, which synergistically combined all the trends of the past years, which I wrote about above, has been approved by the players, which can be clearly seen from the duration of the active server stage.

    At this moment, the last two serves were presented by E-Global and Shock-World, which, in addition to finalizing the conceptual part of their products, also worked on the visual skins. In addition to the new client, they presented a system of costumes that can be worn together with the main equipment of the characters. The players liked this system a lot, as it gives an opportunity to personalize and visually differ from other players in regular and boring DK and Drac sets.

    And this is just a story of the famous servers. Opening on the Ultimate Interlude \ Interlude Remastered extender is also occur at other projects. Young projects with big ambitions and self-confident take on the development of their servers, as players are ready and waiting for innovations and expect a better and more competitive product from administrators.From a last one I can give an example: Just take a look at the ideas and features of this young project, and all of this is possible due to Ultimate Interlude \ Interlude Remastered extender.

    I would like to make a note that all the functionality of customization, which was created by AdvExt experts, is available to everyone. I am talking about about prepared presets, with the ability to customize the necessary parameters (such as the Olympiad classic system and costumes) and the creation of a truly unique functionality for your game design, ideas, features.

    Have you ever dreamed of making a Classic Olympiad for 50+ levels? - It’s not a problem at all!
    Costumes are what have been asked for at the forum for a years already? - You can add them to your server even tomorrow.
    Your players are following the trends of the gradual world discovery, but you do not know where to start? - We know and we have the desire and opportunity to realize any of your ideas.
    Interlude? - Easy. Gracia Final with upgrade to Gracia Epilogue and then to High Five in 2 weeks? - Not even a question.
    Maybe you want to give your players something truly new and unique? - Maybe Ertheia PTS is what you need?

    Summing up all of the above, we can say for sure that the players want to see the usual, simple and common Lineage 2 in modern realities by their favorite projects.
    Do not be afraid to experiment, invent a new one, create your own trends and your players will show and guide you in the right direction.
    And we will help you to realize your ideas, desires and features.

    Always yours, leading Lineage 2 PTS Extenders developing team - AdvExt.