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  1. nginx

    nginx New Member

    I need clear system folder of C4 client.
    Or any another system folder, that could connect to hint's auth.

    Connection using old (C1) auth protocol refused (IP=
    This error occurs when i try to connect from C4 656 client to hAuthD =)
  2. nginx

    nginx New Member

    Mm***8230; Close topic, please )
  3. Fr3DBr

    Fr3DBr Guest

    If you can share the system folder would be very nice ! :D

    PS: In case you upload it, use www.megaupload.com ! :D
  4. nginx

    nginx New Member

  5. loest

    loest New Member

    did you manage to change it to english?
  6. nginx

    nginx New Member

    New revision.
    *Can connect to hint's auth
    *Full english .dat files
    *Support cyrillic font

    Download here:
  7. miguelitito

    miguelitito New Member

    Can reupload please ?
  8. ginji

    ginji New Member

    +1 (10 charssss)