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Discussion in 'News' started by Xeonc, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. Xeonc

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    Dear friends,

    You can test our products on our test servers, before you'll start the trial installation:<br>
    Because hint auth don't support autoregister - we've created 1000 accounts for test, feel free to use on of them, from test to test999, password on all of them are test
    Interlude patch
    Gracia Final patch
    Gracia Epilogue patch
    High Five patch
    Password on all patches - advext@@2018

    For comfort usage on servers were installed our manager - GMShop, NPC buffer and profession manager, the same manager are in package for free
  2. Zaknafein

    Zaknafein New Member

    hello, I'm very interested in acquiring a server version gracia epilogue
    Try to enter the server test of this version to check, when trying to enter it gives me this error
    "your protocol version is different, please continue"

    it is more to say that install the client version gracia epilogue and the system that you have for this version.
  3. ycz

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    No public server for the Interlude extended with HF core?