odd critical error

Discussion in 'Help' started by sup, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. sup

    sup New Member

    yo guys i've come up with a very odd crit error and since as i see there is a lot l2devs in here i would like to help me.
    so that's the error,hope you can come up with a solution.
    something that i forgot to add is that a lot players from the server gets that error so i guess it aint client side error.

    thanks in advance,sup.
  2. lightmare

    lightmare New Member

    when I see the word "crest" in client error message, I delete systextures/crest.utx
    always worked for me ;)
  3. sup

    sup New Member

    well that didnt work,also you could check more carefully next time^^(no offence)