October updates for all chronicles!

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    Dear friends!

    October updates for all AdvExt extenders, such as - Interlude Remastered, Gracia Final, Gracia Epilogue and High Five already available!

    Main updates, changes and fixes:
    • Dynamic multisell reload without server restart has been added;
    • Special taxes system for Private Store Buy/Sell/Manufacture, which will help to protect your server economy from inflation has been added;
    • System to disable showing of the cloaks on other players, which will help to optimize game client has been added;
    • System to protect traders at peace zones has been added (other players used to pull monsters, for example from Isle of Prayer to kill traders by mobs mass skills);
    • New parameter for skill data, which allows skills, such as Block Wind Walk, remove buffs only if it has successfully affect on player but not always after use has been added;
    • Possibility of changing the duration of "flagged" state has been added;
    • Possibility of removing CRP from clan, that drop Clan War has been added (it will help to prevent the situation when sone clans are dropping war everytime they want, which ruin the game process);
    • Configs with duration of disappearing pets after they died or hungry has been added;

    • Bug with Epic Bosses that stuck on players that use hide skill has been fixed.

    • LogParser developed by our team has been added. It work much faster then old version by Mono which is still in use.

    A bit information about the key changes over the past year from us and our customers:
    • We doubled the team over 2 years and unlike most developers on the market - we have a full-fledged job, not a hobby.
    • We were able to make VIP support (priority support for large servers) - an open service, because our team-resources has been increased to provide such important service.
    • We offer our consultations on the development of game design documents (also known as concepts), monetization and other tools for attracting and retaining players on your product.
    • We can develop a client, including creating our own extenders for it.
    • A system of "costumes\suits" has been developed. A feature that has not surprised anyone in Java for a long time has finally available on PTS servers. In addition to costumes that visually replace the appearance of the armor - we've made a visual replacement for the appearance of the weapons. The system selects the appearance of weapons depending on what type of weapon is equipped with a character. There are plans to expand the system to the visual appearance of pets and summons. At other games this system is also known as "skins".
    • Our own authorization server is made and because of that allows to automatically load offline traders after server restart.
    • Classic-like Olympiad system has been made, which allows to participate in the Olympus without noblesse status and on low level (which can be set manually).
    • Supporting for Strix Guard and Active Anticheat has been added.
    • Prime Shop (Premium Server) has been reworked. At the standard version settings for items\goods inside has been expanded, according to the time of offer, discounts, limited flow and in the extended version there is an opportunity to buy currency in the service for Adena or Donation coins.

    If you are already our client - do not forget to update, sign up for support and use the best and most relevant PTS product on the market! More details you can find by following this link.

    If you are still not the owner of our product and you want to get acquainted with it personally - we want to remind you that our servers are available to everyone, both test ones with constant access and GM characters and trials for 3 days, with the ability to install a server at home and check it up and down.