New HF update 16.04.14

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    - Implemented olympiad daily quests. For working required and script updates. Also players who already get the quests previously - need to delete it, and get again.
    - Fixed Nevit and Recomendation system. For working required and script updates.
    - Fixed exploit with overbuff
    - Fixed issue with putting more then 2,147kkk adena into pet
    - Fixed issue with dissapearing of Subclass Certification Skills in some circumstances
    - Added new configuration in GeneralSettings, which gives ability to disable Vitality recovery on mobs less then 8 level. To avoid exploit, then during recovery effect on low level monster - vitality can be recovered fully in 30 seconds.
    - Added new configuration where can be managed Min Clan level to have ability to make Bids on clan halls

    - Implemented Nevit Herald
    - A couple of new fixes in DV and LOA
    - Fixed SA enchanting on Twins
    - Quest inventory check changed from 80% to 90%
    - Added destruction RB scrolls

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