New HF update 12.01.14

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    Hello dear users

    we are glag to announce new HF update.

    - Fixed bug with Hide dissapearing in wrong circumstances
    - Fixed exploit with killing rb with reflect damage
    - Added configuration with help of which can be limited number of owned Wards on TW by 1 clan
    - Finished development of Olympiad Fight Limits - max match limit - 70 fights between next variants(60 non-class, 30 class-based, 10 team fights)
    - Changed value of given points for new nobless from 18 to 10, and changed weekly given points from 3 to 10
    - Changed and extended original Premium Account system, changed PA modificators, now to get x1.5 you need to write 1.5, not 150, also added parameters for multiplying Adena and Seal Stone drop.
    - Fixed issue with not worked buffs on characters in Private Store Sell/Buy/Manufacture
    - Added fully working Party Matching system
    - Fixed function IsPCCafeUser - now AI correctly detect PA user
    - Added configurations for minimum participants in different oly fights
    - Fixed issue when commands like .lockpw wrote password in chat

    - Fixed quest - Zaken, Freya, Frintezza Embroided Soul Cloak. Was bug, when you try to finish quest with amount more then required - you wasn't be able to do that
    - New improvements in npcdata, npcpos and AI for mobs in Dragon Valley and Lair Of Antharas

    Sellings will start at Tuesday, monthly payment will be changed only to updates payment
    Test Server - free
    100 online limit - 40$
    300 online limit - 70$
    700 online limit - 120$
    1000 online limit - 200$
    Unlimited - 250$

    +10% Paypal fee
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