How to rise up your income

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    Every server owner will be glad to rise their income, but how? We have an answer - make the process faster and easier. 50% of players made decision to purchase smth in 60 seconds. And lets see how standart payment process looks like:

    Player found some goods, and made a decision to buy it -> He turn off the game and open browser -> He goes to server website -> Logins in control panel -> Goes to payment page -> Select and confirm amount of payment -> Get redirected to payment gateway -> Make a payment -> Log in game and receive reward

    How much time does it take? Up to 5 minutes, and on every step he could change his decession, and to save the money - and thats a big money loss. We found a way how to make that process a lot of faster, and to rise the income up to 20%.

    Player found some goods, and made a decision to buy it -> At the same NPC he chose amount of Donate Coins -> Get redirected on payment gateway-> Make the payment -> Relogin and get the reward.
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    Comprar una propiedad es una de las formas más populares. La demanda ha sido y siempre será prestamos personales urgentes el precio está en constante crecimiento. Sin embargo, este método requiere una gran inversión de su parte, habilidades y conocimientos especiales le traerán ingresos durante un largo período de tiempo. Además, la presencia de familiares adecuados que no solicitan esta vivienda.