Gracia Final Update

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    Prepared new Gracia Final update. Changelog:

    - Multiple stability and anti-dupe fixes
    - Fixed bug with "clicking" hide
    - Fixed issue with killing RB by reflect damage
    - Added customisation for Territory Wars, now amount of Wards can be limited for 1 clan(for example - no more then 3 Wards)
    - Added customisation which give posibility to kick player with ward from peace zone(to not give ability to hold all TW wards in town)
    - Added fix for Disarm, now it is not available to disarm ward
    - Added more flexibility for Olympiad Games. Now each type of tournament can be customised for amount of participants, also can be enabled competitors selection from HF(competitors with the most close points)
    - Extended original Premium Account System, now it support different parameters for Drop, Adena and SealStones(previously all that parameters was one - DropRate)
    - Added user_premium_ex table which in real time control duration of Premium Account
    - Changed values of premium account modificators(If in old core x2 = 200, now x2 = 2.0)
    - Added support of NemoProtect

    Update will cost 100 USD(+10% paypal fee). For getting it contact me through skype or email. Who bought extender in August 2013 and latter will receive update for free, as was discussed