Final Release in 2021 or how to held 8600 online

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    Hello friends,

    The final release of the 2021 year is already available on SVN, we would like to tell more about it, because this release is the most major in all our carriers, and connected with the deepest server optimization.

    We had a challenge, how to hold on server 8k+ online when even the official server was limited with 6k. And the result of this work is valuable for any online because decrease smoothly the network load and increase FPS for players in high load locations. We were forced to do that because our lead clients l2e-global and Valhalla got more than 5k online regularly in the last 2 years, and it forced a lot of problems on the technical level - low FPS, server crashes, a huge delay in mass PVP, problems with quests and a lot of other problems. And what have we done with it:
    1. During the deep refactoring was removed a lot of doubled data in different algorithms
    2. Offline traders were removed from the list of broadcast receivers
    3. Broadcast sending was optimized to use correctly all available 8 threads
    4. Rim kamaloka was seriously optimized because there was a terrible overhead logic. It was like ецшк in a light bulb with help of 10 people, where the first one keep the bulb, the second twirl the first.... etc
    5. With help of Process Lasso was managed loading between threads, 8 threads was held only for l2server, other threads for L2NPC, Cached and SQL server
    6. Was improved network protocol between L2Server and l2npc/cached
    7. Improved algorithm of teleports between locations, because it was one of the major bottlenecks under high load
    8. A bunch of optimizations connected with locations with a high amount of players, to decrease the amount of sending information without losing playability.
    Results you can check by yourself)

    Besides it, few other important changes in this release:
    1. Fixed a few situations which caused the server crash.
    2. Now traders could be put in to transform because low pixel models in town increase the performance
    3. Config for flexible EXP/SP rates based on the players level
    4. Improved visual system, now changing skill animation could be configured
    5. Final fixes in Nevit system based on HF OFF Full changelog is available here
Thread Status:
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