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    Before i continue i'd like to clarify that the following are based purely on the personal experience i had on the server so far and are not sponsored or rewarded in any way.

    ~ Population/Chat ~

    This server is one of, if not the most dense populated server I've seen in the last 5 years if not more.
    Actually finding a free spot to farm can be challenging depending on the time of day and the top spots are contested almost all day & night long.

    Of course a lot of them are boxes but even if we assume that every single unique player is having 4 characters logged (which is the max allowed) out of the 7764 characters logged currently that makes close to 2000 unique players. (While i write this is past midnight gmt)

    Shout & trade chat is global and its almost exclusively in English and very rarely saw what i assume it was SP/GR. Personally got pleasantly surprised by that cause there's ain't any rules that enforce English on chat.

    ~ PvP/Server Politics ~

    There's lots of PvP/PK going literally at any location above lvl 20.

    As i said earlier due to the large amount of people who want to farm and due to classic offering less choices when it comes to viable farming areas than newer chronicles even "average spots" tend to be heavily contested.

    Of course there's lots of daily mass PvP as well for both RB's and Epics. (Still waiting for the first siege so i'll try to update this post when it happens.)

    About server sides the server was 4 sided till yesterday but looks like some alliances where dropped/formed today and it became 2 sided for the time being.
    Tho i saw today that some guilds that where considered by many to be "underdogs" not only fight larger guilds but managing to kill some sough after raids as well.

    Perhaps a 3rd side will be created soon?

    ~ Donations/Evens ~

    The donation options available are PayPal and PayOp.

    What can you get from donations/is it P2W?

    I know this is a very touchy subject and everyone got a different definition on whats P2W so ill just say what i believe and ill try to be as unbiased as possible.

    First of all there are 2 types of "shops" in game, one for donation coins and one for event coins.
    Lets start with donation shop and what you can get.

    Are there any items that increase character stats?
    Yes there are, hats/belts/cloaks/pendants.

    Can you buy gear?
    Yes, D-C weapon+4 / D-C armor+4 / C-B jewels+4 and shadow Baium/QA/Core/Orfen/Zaken jewels who last 15 days.

    Are the items P2W?
    In my humble option ill say no, there are not.

    Don't get me wrong, an advantage is an advantage, but its not big enough to determinate the winner of a fight.
    If i had to calculate the advantage in plain numbers it would be about a 10% stat increase overall.

    Some might consider it a big enough stat increase to put it under the "P2W category" personally i don't.
    About shadow boss jewels everyone have access to them, thru missions (kill a specific amount of mobs) at lvl 79 and 80 if i remember correctly.

    About event coins, they can be obtained thru automated events, GM events and killing mobs above lvl 40.
    The event store got all the stat increasing items that the donation store got along with some event store exclusive items.

    Also both donation and event coins are trade-able so everyone have access to both event and donation items.

    ~ Class Balance ~

    You will find people that main mages, archers, kamaels, daggers, healers, tanks so that's a good sign.
    What's even better in my opinion is that i see people complain about all the classes above being OP, not about a specific class or class type, all of them.

    Unfortunately i didn't see any BD/SwS/PP yet since you can get almost every single buff in the NPC buffer. Even tho personally, i'd love to see SwS/BD being used by some creative players in mass PvP, their de-buffs could make some extremely interesting plays.

    Anyway, apparently i got carried away again and wrote a wall of text again instead of a simple review.
    Have a wonderful day everyone and see you on the battlefield if you decide to join.​