Changes regaring AdvExt Interlude 2.0 and AdvExt Gracia Final 2.0

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    Dear customers, we decided to change priciples regarding updating and supporting on those products. As soon as development of those products is almost stoped, cause it is 99% offlike and stable - its enough hard to make releases enough often,
    but any hot-fixes and small improvements appears very often. Thats why we decided to change updating rules.

    Monthly fee will be
    1. Basic IL license - 25 USD monthly
    2. GF License - 30 USD monthly
    3. Business IL license - 30 USD monthly

    In that prices will be included
    1. Monthly DLL updates
    2. Questions regarding product using in skype

    Prices is described without 10% paypal fee.

    Those payments are NOT obligatory every month, but if in future you'll need new dlls:
    more 3 months outdated dlls - will cost 2 month payments
    more then 6 months outdated dlls - will cost 3 monthly payments
    more then 1 year - 5 monthly payments
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