Aye AYE BRO: Rob Gronkowski upgraded the party bus to a party ship

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    If Mack receives the franchise tag the safety T.J. Ward cannot. Ward is not eligible for Madden 23 coins the franchise tag. Pro Bowl safety is another offseason priority for Farmer and the worth on the franchise tag for the safety position is around $3 million lower than that of offensive linemen. This means that the Browns could perhaps save some money by offering Ward his tag rather than Mack.

    Mack was a selection in the first round at the time of 2009's Madden NFL 23 Draft out of the University of California and he has been a starter in every game since entering the league. He earned Pro Bowl trips in 2010 and 2013.

    BE FUN: Madden NFL 23 pulled the carpet from beneath Tony Romo's fantasy sports convention and, from the controversy that has followed -- including allegations by Romo who claimed that the NFL tried to strong-arm players so that they would not take part and we've seen again that the league has an awful sense of fun and, more importantly, a troubling anger-driven streak. But don't take our word for it. This is the (since-deleted) tweet by a troll that The Madden NFL 23 tweeted following Romo's remarks.

    Aye AYE BRO: Rob Gronkowski upgraded the party bus to a party ship, and you can join Gronkowski and his family on an all-inclusive cruise from Miami through the Bahamas and return. You'll have the chance to mingle in the company of Gronk himself, collect his autograph, have Q&A with buy mut 23 coins his family as well as listen to live DJs on SIX stages throughout the ship. This could be the best Gronk experience.