about skill effect {t_mp;10;5;diff}

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  1. sandeagle

    sandeagle Member

    about MP mana effect,i know {i_mp;100;diff} this effect is recover played's mp 100 diff...
    but about {t_mp;10;5;diff}???its recover player's MP 10diff per second,max 5 seconds?
    in fact i wanna to make a MP potion like HP potion.
  2. Mike Wazowski

    Mike Wazowski AdvExt64 Customers (IL)

    As I understand it, the numbers inside the "effect" determine how many MPs will be restored every X seconds. And for the duration of the effect is responsible indicator "abnormal_time".
  3. sandeagle

    sandeagle Member

    thx for your help...you are right,its abnormal_time control time.